Marketing– what is that?

To understand the idea of this blog, we should start from briefly explaining the expression in the entry title. Definition and meaning of marketing are not always clear since there are many, often very different from one another, descriptions of the term. Let’s start from the beginning.

Many people consider marketing as sales support; they diminish its significance and completely confuse its purpose. Marketing treated as a mean to increase sales at any price in the shortest time often results in very frequent changes of promotion techniques, brand strategy, communication strategies and also changes of the director of the marketing department if the established plan does not work out. When this happens, there is no question of building a strong company! It is like a judgment!

Apart from that, there is also big confusion about sales and marketing. The easiest way to introduce the difference is by depicting an example of a sporting competition. Sales is a sprinter and has totally different functions than marketing which is our marathon runner. You should not think of them as the same department and compare their ways and results, they should not compete in sales area as it is unfortunately often done. There would be no point in making sprinter and marathon runner race together, right? Imagine this: for 100 meters run we have two competitors, a sprinter and a marathon man. Ready… Steady… Go! And here we have the winner! Who won the race? The answer is… Well… I am sure you can easily figure it out, silly question. You can see it now that as long as marketing will be racing with sales in the category of “sale” – marketing will be losing.

So what is this marketing?

By definition, marketing aims for a long term strategy (compared to a marathon runner). Marketing is rapidly growing, and up until recently, everyone used the “4P” strategy. Right now the purpose of marketing is to build and maintain a strong brand, position in the market, customer communication, consumer loyalty (gain ambassadors) etc. It absorbs a lot of time. This is the essence of marketing. In deciding, we must choose between rapid benefit and “romance” with a client which will effect in a real long term relationship.

I did not accidentally use the analogy to the relationship, both in marketing and in a relationship two things are very important: surprising and coquetting. As a marketer, you cannot be importunate, boring and ubiquitous. Those who surprise become more desired, adding a note of unavailability you give your brand exclusivity. Today’s marketing is based on following customers. I mean, if your target group uses any specified platform, like social media, you should be there as well to build trust and develop your brand while meeting demands of your group by adding value (sharing knowledge). The highest quality content is very valuable to clients. The contemporary marketer must love innovation because people love it too. The goal of marketing is to create a company that knows what their consumers want, give exactly the things they need or create such a demand.

Of course, marketing is also generally understood as analysis of the market and customers, analysis of the company. Marketers work must be based on hard data, mission, and objectives of the company. The strategy of marketing must be according to company’s DNA.

At the end:

Marketing is often seen in a bad way, but fortunately, this trend is changing. With a bit of freshness which flutters from great marketers, this industry will not become dull and ossified. I sincerely hope that perception of marketing will change and more companies will dare to apply effective techniques and and fall in love with reciprocity with their customers.

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