How to get the best seo backlinks

How to get the best backlinks? Everything that you should know.

Young entrepreneurs struggle with a common problem – lack of traffic on their websites. If it happened to you, do not worry as this problem applies to everyone. In order to increase the number of views of your website you can assure or improve your visibility in Google search results. Of course, it is only one way to deal with the issue, but today I would like to tell you how to build backlinks in an easy way.

What are backlinks, and how do they influence the position in search results?

First of all, you must understand what is a backlink. A backlink is a link from another website forwarding to your site. It is the simplest way to explain the expression.

Google’s algorithm is based on the assumption that websites that have been liked and shared in the Internet more times than the others are the better ones and have great and helpful content which deserves a higher ranking in search results. So if many websites have reference to your site, there will be more certainty in recognition by Google algorithm.

While displaying search results, Google examines a page in many ways, one of which is of course the number of backlinks from trusted and valuable pages. The more high-quality websites linking to your site, the more likely your position on search results will be higher.

It is not surprising that SEO specialists discovered a way to manipulate search results. In reply, Google performed frequent updates and started finding websites which were manipulating the results. However, Google is not clear what guided their algorithm, but SEO community is consistent that links still play a big role in it.

Backlinks sources

I would like to introduce to you several sources of backlinks which you can easily use.

Attention: high-quality content is the key! Do not spam!

Blog comments

Yes, I know that for many specialists this is a terrible way, but… Why do I not neglect this method? In my opinion:

–    it is a good generator of traffic on your website,

–    thanks to the valuable content we increase our confidence in both the blogger and potential customers.

You must be very careful and look for good sources of your links. Your comment must be high-quality, in the subject, and preferably complementary to the article. However, be careful not to write too long entries.

Use this commands to find blogs:

inurl:blog “keyword”

keyword “comment”

keyword “submit comment”

keyword “leave comment”

keyword “leave a reply”


Search for niche forums and solve the problems of your potential clients. You should limit the number of forums and focus on becoming a specialist there by regularly providing feedback and help. Do not concentrate only on acquiring links to further generate traffic on your website, because being a specialist in a forum is also an excellent way to build brand recognition.

Just remember about one rule. Do not try to put your link or sell your product at any price! Do not be like a salesman or spammer. Instead, be like a support for your clients.

Use this commands to find niche forums:

inurl:forum “keyword”

forum + “keyword”

“keyword” + forum

Social media

If you do not have them yet, you should create accounts on these social media:


Google +





In addition, it is worth to giving a try with:







You can be an active user on these platforms, it certainly won’t hurt, but you must populate these accounts and share good content. Chose the platforms which are the best for your business and be very active!

Link Reclamation

Someone wrote about your company or your product, but did not use the link? You can write a mail to the author of the article with a friendly reminder to add your link. Remember to be nice, as then your chances of success increase and you will build good relation with the blogger.

But how can you find a mention about you? Of course, you can use web monitoring tools or you can do it by yourself without tools. Have a look at these:

Your company name



Guest posting

This is a great method for differentiation of the strategy of link building The most important thing is to write on great blogs. It is a nice traffic generator and trust builder, but in order to assure your entry has been accepted on the great blog, it must be really high-quality. How to find this kind of blogs? Use Twitter search:

“keywords” + guest post

“keywords” + guest blogger

“keywords” + guest author

“keywords” + write for us

“keywords” + guest blogger

“keywords” + guest article

“keywords” + write for us

“keywords” + writers needed

Ordered entries

Basically, you search blogs related to your niche, contact their authors and offer sponsored entry about your company, product or whatever you want. It is a simple method but you need a little bit of money.

If you do not want to spend money, you can do it for “free” by finding a blogger who can be interested in your product or services and propose it for the post (e.g. in the form of a review).

For example, if you sell sports shoes you can Google: running blog, sports blog etc. and collaborate with the author.

Links from infographics

The method has only recently gained on popularity How does it work? It’s simple. You make a great, unique, creative and helpful infographic. Next you share it on your site and social media. Apart from that, you can write to a blogger from your niche and ask them if they want to use it.

Using this method you have to be prepared for the possibility of many bloggers using your infographic without your knowledge. In that case, you can use Google Image and search by image. It will allow you to see websites using it and the only thing you need to do is to visit them and check if the authors put there a link to your website, if they haven’t done it, you can use the same approach as in case of Link Reclamation.

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